Do you travel to the client?
-YES! The client is held responsible for covering the costs of the artist's travel fees.  These are discussed prior to booking.

How many girls are you able to do within a party?​
-Typically it takes an hour per application, so depending on how long you have to get ready, are how many I am able to accomodate. I usually recommend bringing in a second artist with me for parties larger than 8.

When should I book you?
-I suggest the sooner the better. :)

What forms of payment do you accept?
-I accept paypal and cash only.

What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?
-Please let me know immediately if you are not able to make your appointment. Your orginal depsoit is still non-refundable.

What is required to book?
-A deposit of $20 per appointment with a signed contract is required upon booking.

Do you do trial runs?
-Of course! My trial runs are the same price as my appointments.
I encourage them so you have an idea of what you'll look like on your special day. I also suggest using that day for any sessions you might have. Engagements, bridals, etc.

How long will my makeup last?
-Your makeup will last up until you decide to take it off! I've had my clients tell me their makeup lasted 18-24 hours!