Hey, Hey!
My name is Casey Gantt, I am a Houston, Texas based makeup artist that specializes in almost everything you can think of! From weddings,  proms, photoshoots, any special event you need, I'm your girl!

I've been in the makeup industry for quite sometime now, about 7 years! I've had my fair share of working the retail aspect of cosmetics for quite a few years and It was what truly led me into doing this full time. Working with makeup in retail allowed me to grow as an artist, learn many many new skills, but it kept me from doing as much makeup as I really enjoyed doing. I worked for MAC for a few years but the hours and working every. single. weekend. didn't allow me the time to do makeup outside of work. Regardless, I loved the job, but now I'm getting to do what I truly enjoy, AND I get to meet so many beautiful, funny people!

Outside of makeup, I am a mom to a four year old diva  (the best job of all) and a future wife, YAY! I'm a huge homebody. I'll take sitting on the couch drinking wine & eating pizza, watching Harry Potter, over leaving my house anyday! I've had the same friends since I was 5 years old and I wouldn't trade them or my amazing family for the world!

I can't wait to learn more about you! :)